March 2 roundup - MoneySense

March 2 roundup

On regulating trades, OAS reform timelines and why the housing market is not a bubble set to burst.


•Regulators are asking for your input on how to strengthen standards related to short sales and failed trades. Many EU countries require significant disclosures on short-selling. The CSA and IIROC are considering adopting similar standards.

•Despite talks of a looming pension crisis in Canada, Minister Diane Finley doesn’t seem to be in a rush to implement OAS reform. Canada’s relatively sound fiscal shape means it will not have to ratchet up the retirement age for at least another 10 years, she said.

•Canadian Business blogger Larry MacDonald suggests today’s housing bears are overlooking a crucial piece of the real estate puzzle. The U.S. housing bubble burst when the Fed was deliberately trying to slow down the economy and had jacked up its rates. “I don’t see it in Canada yet; in fact, it seems to me that the Bank of Canada is still at the stage (as is the Fed) where it wants to generate growth instead of slow it down,” MacDonald writes. If he’s right, that’s good news for mortgage holders.