March 20 roundup - MoneySense

March 20 roundup

On protecting seniors from scam artists, new regulations for Canada’s mortgage industry and a dividend strategy with Apple in mind.


•The son of a B.C. senior victimized by fraudsters speaks out. Don Brown wants to know how a major bank could allow an elderly woman living in a retirement home to empty her bank account and take out a line of credit without asking any questions or sounding the alarm bells.

•Canada’s banking regulator has issued a set of draft guidelines to targeted at mortgage underwriting. If approved, the rules would require bank executives to assess mortgage portfolios annually and shine a light on a what observers say is a poorly understood part of banks’ business.

•Here’s a dividend strategy with Apple Inc. in mind. “Investors can target the sweet spot of reliable income and share price gains by buying companies that are likely to initiate or increase dividends,” Reuters says.