March 22 roundup - MoneySense

March 22 roundup

On doctors who want to be taxed more, a busy spring ahead in the housing market and a new rent bank for low-income tenants in Vancouver.


•Have you heard about the group of mostly Ontario doctors urging the federal and provincial governments to impose a new tax on wealthy Canadians, including themselves? Doctors for Fair Taxation want a surtax on any income over $100,000. Their slogan? “Tax us. Canada’s worth it.”

•So much for a soft landing for Canada’s real estate market. Urban markets have continued to show “exceptional resiliency” so far this year, setting the stage for a busy spring, according to a major Canadian real estate organization.

•The City of Vancouver is providing some much needed peace of mind to low-income tenants. The city will help fund a rent bank that will provide emergency loans for those in danger of eviction for at least the next three years.