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Rainy-day football and positive thinking

Day two of my “what’s-gone-right-today-and-why” diary



It’s day two of keeping my happy finances diary, and I’m surprised to report that it’s actually working.

Dear Diary:

A friend of mine invited me out to a Toronto FC game this evening, free of charge. Granted, they’ll probably lose and if we don’t get rained on we’ll definitely get hosed by the price of beer at BMO Field …wait, sorry. Must keep positive!

Ok, bright side … Not only do I get to hang out with a good buddy, but we’re in the rowdy section of the stands, which has huge entertainment implications. If you’ve never witnessed these die-hard fans in action, just imagine British football hooligans minus the wanton violence. (They’re Canadian, after all.)

In addition to this, my vacation fund (also known as the Rogers employee share plan) now has a raison d’être. December 2011 will see me headed to sunny Chile for 10 days of (subsidized) surfing and mountain biking. This is very, very good.

So let it rain this evening. My ticket was free, my friend deserves a beer and my employer is giving me extra money for my vacation.

Things could be worse.