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Sailboats… and Getting Started


Hello. Welcome to my first post on this blog. It’s always tough to do the first one, but here goes:

Oh, almost forgot. I’m Rob, features editor here at MoneySense magazine. I’ve been a journalist for 20 years. I’ve worked in newspapers and magazines. I’ve covered lots of different stuff: from politics to crime, from business to advertising. I like to think of it as the well-rounded education I never got in school. Then there’s my other life at home: three young kids, a mortgage and my car payments. Ka-ching!

That’s where my blog comes in. It’s called Getting Started. The reason: most of us, including me, don’t know as much about personal finance or building wealth as we should. We just shovel money into RRSPs and figure one day, when we turn 65, there magically will be enough money to fund a lavish retirement lifestyle. (Which surely will include an awesomely big sailboat, because isn’t that what retired people always have in Freedom 55 ads?)

But money is hardly magical. It’s dollars and cents stuff. It’s RRSPs, and insurance, and investments that usually go up (but not always). We’ll talk about all that stuff on this blog. Hopefully you and I can learn a lot together. And who knows, maybe we will get that sailboat after all.