September 7 roundup - MoneySense

September 7 roundup

Interest rates, Quantitative Easing 101, how to get coupons on your phone and the biggest threat to the markets.


• Remember when Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney was issuing weekly warnings about impending interest rate hikes? Well, events have conspired to foil his plans. We’re now looking at 1% interest rates for another quarter, and possibly well into 2012.

• Absent a major terrorist attack, natural disaster or war, what’s the biggest threat to the markets? The answer may have a habit of emailing you in ALL CAPS.

• If you didn’t get the memo yet, coupons are now cool. They’re even cooler if you get them on your phone. Here’s how to do it.

Ever wonder what Quantitative Easing is? Well, here are two explanations: a boring one and a highly entertaining (but NSFW) one.