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The other tax deadline

Freelancers and other unincorporated business owners have until June 17 to file their tax returns.

  • Canadians who run an unincorporated small business have until June 17 to file their tax return and avoid penalty. Operating losses can be claimed against other income in the year so it’s well worth your time to investigate, and besides it’s the law. Evelyn Jacks has more information.
  • Two of the heaviest hitters in the world of economics clashed at the Munk Debates yesterday in Toronto. For highlights of the Krugman vs. Gingrich debate on taxing the rich, visit Canadian Business.
  • Quebec is cracking down on homeowners advertising space for rent on Airbnb, a website for couch surfing tourists. The reason? Most aren’t declaring the rental income/don’t have permits. Check out the Boomer and Echo blog for more info.