Thursday roundup - MoneySense

Thursday roundup

Our lack of privacy, how to find savings, and a review of Vanguard’s new ETFs.


Canadians are sloppy when it comes to protecting personal information on their smartphones and tablets, according to Canada’s Privacy Commissioner.

A recent survey commissioned by Jennifer Stoddart found that 74% of Canadians polled owned at least one smartphone or tablet, but only 40% enacted the available privacy settings.

“Canadians are recognizing that their personal information is not safe in this new digital environment, unless they take concrete measures to protect it,” said Stoddart in a statement. “We encourage people to use passwords, encryption, privacy settings and every other available measure to safeguard their personal information. Because the meaningful protection of privacy has to start with the individual.”

The best way to find a deal is to demand one, according to the Financial Post.

Those of us looking for ways to trim our budgets should look at the products and services they currently pay for, such as insurance, cell phone/internet/cable packages, your bank and even your financial adviser.

Anton Simunovic, chief executive of, offers the following advice on negotiating:

“It’s a conversation, it’s not a confrontation,” he says. “You have to remember, these companies whether they are small or whether they are big, they want to keep you as a customer and want to keep your money.”

• Canadian Capitalist gives a rundown of Vanguard Canada’s 6 new ETFs, while Canadian Couch Potato finds it hard to get excited about the whole deal.

• And for the parents and students out there, Squawfox outlines 10 Ways to score textbooks for less.