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Vacation spending

Canadians are budgeting $1,700 on average for their summer holidays.

  • Roughly 55% of us plan to take a vacation this summer though most will stick close to home, according to a new poll. Leger Marketing surveyed 1,500 Canadians and found average spending will hover around $1,700. Albertans have the biggest holiday budgets at around $2,300.
  • Meanwhile, a new Canadian Business story explains why skipping vacation is a disaster waiting to happen. The office has a better chance of getting by without you for a few days as oppose to a few months, which is what could happen if you fall sick due to stress or exhaustion.
  • Cellphone companies are facing a $1B class action lawsuit after a the supreme court decided to hear the appeal by claimants who say the “system access fees” carriers used to charge were an illegal cash grab.
  • Wine lovers rejoice! Parliamentarians have just passed a new law that makes it legal to sell any Canadian wine in any province. Until now, Ontarians could not buy wine from B.C. and vice versa. Here’s Dan Albas, the Conservative MP from B.C. on Bill C-311: