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Go green, save money

Being environmentally conscious isn’t hard and it has some upsides for your wallet too



Inevitably the energy and resources we reduce, reuse and recycle end up as money left in our wallets. And that’s money we could put to good use as savings. Today, make a plan to do one thing differently for the rest of the year and see how much you can save. You could:

1. Rethink your commute
You could ditch the car and walk or bike to work, or find a co-worker or friend headed your way and carpool.

2. Make your own cleaning supplies
Did you know that cleaning products are the cause of 8% of non-vehicular emissions of volatile organic compounds? Vinegar and baking soda clean virtually everything!

3. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs
Energy Star says that if every American home replaced just one light bulb, we’d prevent the equivalent emissions of more than 800,000 cars. Holy moley!

4. Use reusable shopping bags
Some supermarkets even pay you in points to use reusable bags. Whatcha waitin’ for?

5. Buy local
Supporting local farmers is not only good for the local economy it also reduces transportation costs and all the truck emissions that go with.

6. Use rechargeable batteries
A little more expensive at the onset, rechargables last longer and eliminate a ton of toxic waste.

7. Eliminate paper and plastic plates and cutlery
Hey, it only takes a second to slip a plate, cup, spoon, knife and fork into a plastic bag for a picnic or barbeque. Then slip ‘em back into your bag, take them home and wash them, you lazy bugger.

Whatever you save a month, pop it into an online savings calculator and see what your Good Earth Savings is doing for your long-term savings. That should keep you motivated.