How to choose index funds and brokerages

How to choose index funds and brokerages

Like TD e-Series funds but not a TD brokerage customer? Try this instead.


Q: I currently have funds deposited with Scotiabank for the purpose of investing in RESPs. Am I able to purchase the TD e-Series index funds through Scotiabank? If not Scotiabank, what about through Scotia’s brokerage, iTrade?

—Ryan G., Hamilton, Ont.

A: I really enjoy drinking President’s Choice coffee, but my local supermarket isn’t a part of the Loblaw chain so unfortunately I can’t buy it there. You would like to buy the TD e-Series funds. But neither Scotiabank nor iTrade are part of TD so you can’t buy them there. I understand the appeal of the TD e-Series: the funds have super-low management expense ratios, like exchange-traded funds. And they are easier to buy in small amounts than ETFs because you can purchase just part of a unit and you don’t pay a trading commission each time. So you could open an RESP at TD or choose a traditional index fund from Scotia. But in this case, you can’t have your PC Red Velvet Cake and eat it too.

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