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No-brainer ways to save

Some savings are so obvious most people don’t even think of them



Do you know people who buy their water in bottles? I get that there are parts of the country where the water quality sucks and bottled water is the only option. But those aren’t the only people plopping down good money for a virtually free resource. Never mind all the plastic they’re contributing to the environment.

How about the people who buy a coffee every day but haven’t bothered to bring along their own reusable mugs, you know some of them right? You see the same people every morning grabbing a to-go coffee. Both Starbucks and Tim Hortons will give you a 10¢ discount for using a reusable cup. Hey, what’s the big deal about ten cents? If there was a dime on the ground in front of you, would you bed over and pick it up? Yah, I thought so.

One of the best ways to stop spending so you have the money to save is to remove the temptation. You know the gobs of flyers and catalogues that lure you into stores with great deals? Call and stop them from arriving. (Ditto the deal of the week that arrives in your email box.) It’ll cut down on your recycling too.

Take lunch from home in reusable containers and you’ll not only save all the styrofoam containers you buy food in at work, you’ll pocket a ton of money you can put towards your savings.

Get rid of your department store credit cards. It doesn’t matter what deal you were offered to take ‘em on, you were juiced. How do you think those cards can afford to give you a whopping 10% off on your first purchase? They KNOW they’re going to make it up in the interest you pay on your outstanding balances.