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Sell online to make money

Use online websites like Craigslist or Kijiji to make money and part with some of the STUFF that’s cluttering up your life


Once you have decided to sell and save, how do you actually do it?

If you’ve never looked at Kijiji or Craigslist online, you’re missing a marketplace that’s thriving. You’ll find everything from electronics to furniture, clothes to musical instruments. And if you can buy online, you can sell online, you just have to know the rules of the game.

1. A picture’s worth 1000 words

You wouldn’t date someone without seeing them first, why would anyone buy your stuff if they couldn’t get a good look at it? Take several photos from different angles, including close-ups of important details. The picture has to be attractive to attract, so make sure your lighting is good. Use a neutral background so the item you’re selling is well displayed.

2. Price to sell

Just because your dad refinished that table doesn’t mean it’s worth a b’zillion bucks. To price your stuff so it will sell, search for similar items and see what they’re selling for. If an item has been on the site for more than two weeks, it’s probably overpriced. Price your item just $5 less than what’s available and you’ll get the call first. Do list for a little more than you’d be willing to accept since there will be some negotiating and you want the buyer to win.

3. Write a header that catches eyes

You want to do two things with your header: be found by the buyer’s search and be compelling when you are found. Take off your buying hat and put on your selling hat. “Almost new” is better than “6 month’s old.” Don’t overuse uppercase, but a “GREAT DEAL” will catch eyes. Have a look at the other ads on the site and see what catches your eye.

4. Describe your stuff persuasively

When you read the word “cozy” that creates a picture. When you see the word “rare,” that evokes an emotional response. As with the header, take some time to write a description that compels the buyer to pick up the phone and call you. Check your spelling, use simple language, and wherever necessary, provide technical specifications. If there’s a flaw in the product you’re selling, be upfront. You want to let shoppers know you can be trusted. Be clear about that fact that it’s a cash-only transaction unless you’re willing to trade.

5. Respond to requests quickly

If it takes you longer than 24 hours to get back to a potential buyer, he may give up and move on to his second choice. Watch for responses that may get caught in your spam folder. If the buyer must travel a long way, suggest meeting halfway in a public place. If a buyer makes an offer you don’t feel is fair, don’t be rude. “That’s less than I want to sell it for,” is more likely to get a second offer than taking the buyer’s first offer personally.