Just moved in? Time to create a landscape master plan

Just moved in? Time to create a landscape master plan

Good landscaping should continue to give back for years to come


Want a home that oozes curb appeal? Then you’ll need to spend a bit of time and money on landscaping. To start, consider paying a professional landscape designer or contractor for a landscape master plan. At a cost that starts at $250 and goes up, they’ll tell you what you currently have, what you could do and alert you to potential problems that may arise in the future. For example, the previous homeowner may have planted a tree that looks great now, but in 10 years will pose a problem to your home’s foundation. A good landscape designer/planner will see this and point out ways to mitigate possible future problems. If you’re on a strict budget, consider paying a Sheridan Gardens’ contracted landscape designer. These professional landscape designers will visit your home, create a design and even provide a list of plants within your budget all for $170 plus tax.

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