Use an electricity calculator to cut consumption and costs

Use an electricity calculator to cut costs

3 calculators to help slash your consumption


Are you militant about turning off the lights in your home? Have you signed up for Peaksaver (an electricity savings program offered to Ontario homeowners) or something equivalent? Do you examine your electricity bill to determine if you can cut use and costs?

Then you’ll probably be interested in electricity calculators. These online calculators can give you usage and estimated costs for everyday electrical usage. For example, do you wonder how much that light bulb in your bedroom costs when kept turned on? Maybe you’d like to know how much it costs to run your coffee? And what about that air conditioner unit? Using these online calculators you don’t have to sort through mathematical formulas to get an answer. Instead, plug in a few numbers and these calculators calculate the cost for you.

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For real estate investors with property in the U.S. (or Australia or Germany, or a few other countries) the last calculator will let you plug in the appliance details and the country. For example, running a desktop computer (which consumes 250 watts) for 8 hours a day will cost you $7.20 per month in Canada, just under $9.50 per month in the U.S., and more than $14.50 in the U.K.

By playing around with the calculators you can reduce your consumption and cut your electricity costs.

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