$100 hot dog sells out at Calgary Stampede

$100 hot dog sells out at Calgary Stampede

Gourmet Dragon Dog comes infused with cognac

$100 hot dog

Dougie’s cognac-infused Dragon Dog costs a whopping $100. (DougieDog Hot Dogs)

Would you pay $100 for a hot dog? Well, it turns out that the steep price was no object for many hungry Calgary Stampede attendees.

A food truck peddling a $100 gourmet hot dog sold out after the second day of the festival.

The Dragon Dog briefly held the Guinness World Record as the most expensive hot dog in the world in 2012. The striking sausage is a foot long, comes infused with expensive cognac and topped with lobster.

The Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac sells for $3,000 bottle, which makes you think—maybe a $100 dog is a bargain?

The owner of the DougieDog Diner truck, Dougie Luv, told the Canadian Press that he didn’t think his specialty would be so popular due to the economy.

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As a result, he only brought enough ingredients to make 100 Dragon Dogs. As soon as he opened his truck, he says he received calls for reservations and before he knew it, all 100 of his fancy franks were claimed for the rest of the festival.

The price of a truffle and Kobe beef-topped Dragon Dog is likely enough to buy you more than 30 standard hot dog stand sausages.

–With files from the Canadian Press

Check out this CBC video from back in 2012 when Dougie’s Dragon Dog was first making headlines.