Is a meal delivery service right for you?

Is a meal kit delivery service right for you?

We crunch the numbers for three different approaches to mealtime. Here’s what we found regarding meal kit delivery services


How great would it be if you arrived home from your busy job and had all the ingredients for your family’s favourite meal chopped and ready to go for quick cooking? Right now, there are several subscription meal ingredient delivery services available across Canada, and all deliver fresh, pre-chopped ingredients right to your doorstep. But do these services really save you money? We crunched the numbers for three different approaches to mealtime for a family of four based on having to whip up two meals per week. Here’s what we found.

Subscription service

Chef’s Plate brought chopped ingredients for four individual meals of Chicken Supreme with toasted almonds, strawberry and spinach salad plus four meals of Pan Seared Snapper with Thai Black Rice. Total cost? $87.60.

Home-cooked meals from scratch

Ingredients were bought at the grocery store and then chopped and prepared at home. Total cost? $61.11.

Eating out

A Spinach Chicken Salad at Swiss Chalet costs $14.11. If your family dined out at a mid-range eatery twice a week, you’d have to add tax and tip as well. Total cost? About $135.


Subscription meal ingredient services are a good option for professionals who have the money but not the time to prepare home-cooked meals. “They’re a middle ground,” says dietician Christy Brissette. So if it makes life easier and meals healthier a few times a week, it’s well-worth the cost.