Can we smash these 'unbreakable' champagne glasses?

Are these glasses really ‘unbreakable’?

Watch us try to smash them


When the bubbly flows at midnight on New Year’s Eve, there’s a possibility that the clinking of glasses could turn into the shattering of your finest glassware. So consider trading in your prized wedding flutes and taking D’Eco’s Unbreakable Champagne Glasses out for a spin. D’Eco claims the flutes, made of 100% Tritan plastic (a super-sturdy BPA-free material) look and feel just like real glass while being, well, unbreakable. We tried them out and they definitely passed the durability test. We whacked them against furniture, and even dropped them from four feet high onto hardwood floors. They didn’t crack—in fact, they bounced. But the claim that they look like real glassware is false. Unless you’re five feet away and have already had a few glasses of champers, these aren’t fooling anyone. They’re not a lightweight plastic and they have very noticeable seams, which really shatters—no pun intended—the illusion. Of course, at $35 for a set of four, they’re a price-conscious choice for unpretentious parties or picnics and really will give you peace of mind. But if you’re hoping to ooze elegance, there are better options at a higher price-point.

D’Eco Unbreakable Champagne Glasses: $35/four on

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