Looking for a tool rental? Try a tool library to save big - MoneySense

Borrow tools for next to nothing

Don’t fork over big money for bolt-cutters you’ll use once


tool rentalNot a fan of playing Tetris with all the tools and cars in your garage? Here’s another option, instead: Take the tools out of the equation. Instead, go rent some equipment from the Tool Libraries that have cropped up across the country: Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton and Halifax all have their own. Most operate with paid memberships; the Toronto Tool Library, for example, costs $50 to a $100 a year for access to over 5,000 tools. Considering the cost to buy the tools yourself—and the energy spent to maintain them—it’s probably well worth it. And to boot, you get the satisfaction of knowing you’re lowering your impact on the environment. You can borrow anything from bolt cutters to bone saws to a hedge trimmer. And you won’t have to worry about your overflowing garage anymore.

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