Best and worst U.S. cities to survive the zombie apocalypse

Best U.S. cities to survive the zombie apocalypse

Want to survive a zombie apocalypse? Think defense, containment, food and cure


Not sure if other families discuss this at the Christmas dinner table, but inevitably our dinner table talk turns to survival. Sure, it starts out with who in the family can hunt, build a shelter, or sow a viable garden (note: I fail on all three counts, so does my brother-in-law, who is also a writer/editor). Eventually, however, we work our way into the more apocalyptic scenarios—aliens and zombies top the list.

Turns out, other people have the same discussions (maybe not at Christmas dinner). As such, did an analysis on the optimal factors for surviving a zombie apocalypse. They also list the top 10 U.S. cities, where people are most likely to survive, and 10 cities were people are list likely to survive.

Top of the survival list is Boston, Massachusetts. It’s not the opportunity for a cure that puts Boston at the top of the list, but rather it’s the ability to defend your turf. Turns out the more zombies you can kill, the better your chances are in the long run, and Boston’s layout make it an ideal place to defend yourself.

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See the worst U.S.cities for a zombie apocalypse. (Hint: despite its grungy aesthetic, New York City is not an ideal location to face the undead.)

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—An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the CDC headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are actually located in Atlanta, Georgia.—