Fear of investing holding you back?

Doing nothing is the riskiest move of all



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Are you sitting on too much cash for fear of losing it? The truth is, doing nothing poses more risk to your portfolio than investing conservatively.

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One comment on “Fear of investing holding you back?

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    Having just turned 50 I’ve decided to get a number of life items in order; the most important being my financial house.

    I have put this off for a number of years due to financial paralysis caused by poor performance of past investments and not knowing who I can count on for sound investment advice.

    I am a good saver. I started investing in an RRSP when I was 25 and maxed out my contributions yearly. My first investment company lost a substantial portion of my capital causing me to leave them in my mid thirties. Next, I chose my bank as a safer option for my investments but they too lost a second substantial portion. In 2011, friends told me they were invested in gold. Without research, I invested my remaining $50,000.00 from my RRSP and TFSA accounts. Today, the market value of my investment totals $27,000.00.

    Over the last 3 years I have not had the stomach to invest in anything more. I have saved what little money I could and intend to invest it in a home renovation.

    I realize I risk looking foolish here but I fear even more that if I do not get some sound investment advice at this juncture, I will never grow my nest egg.

    My time and earning power is running out. Do I stick with the gold to prevent incurring another big loss? Do I withdraw it and try to make up the loss?
    I truly feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. I simply cannot move forward today because I do not know who to trust with my money and its future.

    Any help or direction would be most sincerely appreciated.


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