Debt ratio rises

The debt-to-income ratio is actually 163%, not 152%, StatsCan says.



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  • Apparently the household debt problem in Canada is worse than we thought. Revisions by Statistics Canada Monday show that the debt-to-income ratio is 163%, not the 152% previously reported.
  • TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage has launched a new online trading platform for investors who trade U.S. stocks. Here’s  more information on the service.
  • New data shows an up-tick in Canada’s housing market in September compared to August but the sales numbers are still down from year ago.
  • Air Canada’s new discount airline was designed to save the company—not travellers— money, suggests Canadian Business.

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  1. I'm really not shocked about the debt ratio. Students are borrowing too much, adults in the workforce are spending too much on credit, etc. It's a sad thing.


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