Do you really need an e-reader?

It may not be worth it unless you’re an avid reader.



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The Wall Street Journal’s Brett Arends weighs the options for people considering buying an e-reader. Turns out, it’s not really worth it if you’re just a casual reader. You need to be an avid reader to make it worthwhile.

He also warns that digital books aren’t as cheap as they used to be, with prices hovering around $12.99. However lovers of classic books will do well, as those books are generally free.

And if you’re thinking of buying right away, you’re better off waiting. Competition is rapidly reducing the costs of Kindles and other e-readers.

53 comments on “Do you really need an e-reader?

  1. I still can't see myself using an e-reader. I like the experience of reading a normal book too much.


  2. In addition to liking the tactile aspect of handling a book, nothing quite compares to a bookcase full of books (or a library full of them). You just can't do that with an e-book


  3. You can fill a Kobo up for free from your local public library.


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  52. Apart from the obvious advantages of an ebook reader, the main benefit I like is the fact it’s disconnected (except for syncing and the like.) There are no distractions, no pop up notifications that get in the way of enjoying reading.



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