New measures to close U.S. price gap coming

Government eyes tariff reductions on consumer electronics and other products.



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The federal government is planning to introduce new measures in an effort to close the U.S. price gap in Canada, according to a report in the National Post. The tariff reductions introduced on sporting equipment as part of the last budget could be extended to consumer electronics and other products, it says. Documents obtained by the newspaper reveal the government’s concern that prices are, on average, 15% higher than those paid by U.S. consumers before taxes.

2 comments on “New measures to close U.S. price gap coming

  1. Its such a big disadvantage to live in Canada. I am going to Burlington next weekend ! :) – Jit Hoong Lim


  2. Our prices will still be higher thanks to Mulroney’s GST, and various other fees, so they should aim to equalise the costs to the consumer.


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