Ontario regulates e-cigarettes, bans flavoured tobacco products

Calorie counts on menus mandated too



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(Victor de Schwanberg/Getty Images)

(Victor de Schwanberg/Getty Images)

TORONTO – Ontario is moving to regulate the sale of electronic cigarettes, ban all flavoured tobacco products, including menthol, and mandate calorie counts on restaurant menus.

The Liberal government wants to treat e-cigarettes just like tobacco cigarettes, which means a total ban on sales to youth and on using them in restaurants and public buildings.

Legislation being introduced today would also mean so-called vapour lounges, where people use vapourizers similar to e-cigarettes, would be outlawed.

The Liberals say they will also reintroduce legislation to ban all flavoured tobacco products, many of which are designed to appeal to teens, and will expand the prohibition to include menthol cigarettes.

The industry will have up to two years to phase out the menthol smokes, which the government says are favoured by young people.

Another bill being reintroduced by the Liberals would require restaurants and grocery stores with more than 20 outlets in Ontario to list calorie counts on their menus and menu boards.

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