So long, tampon tax!

Critics of the tax have long argued that it was unfair for women



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tampon tax

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On Thursday, the Conservative government delivered a wonderful surprise to menstruating women across Canada: As of July 1, federal taxes will be removed from all feminine-hygiene products, including tampons, pads, sanitary belts (who is using these!?) and menstrual cups. Cue the hysteria! The new legislation follows an NDP-backed proposal to scrap the tax, which was tabled by the party earlier this year. Critics of the “tampon tax” have long argued that it unfairly targeted women — namely, that it added insult (spending money) to injury (periods) when we’re already in a vulnerable state (PMS). The move will hit the Conservatives’ financial reserves — to the tune of $33 million — but, sorry, have they ever experienced cramps? Those are really painful.

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  1. Nice to hear you women are getting a taxation reprieve. I fail to understand the link the the author is making between a loss of $33M in revenue and the pain of cramps. I only see further pain on our pocket book the govt will recoup the money from somewhere else now. Perhaps men’s deodorant? It’s over rated and not necessary is it?


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