Some days, it’s tough to remain positive

Day three of my “what’s-gone-right-today-and-why” diary.



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It could be the rain, or the rash of people who have recently cancelled plans with me at the last minute, or a combination of the two. Whatever the reason, I’ve struggled to find an upside to my finances today.

It didn’t help when I logged into my bank account and saw a very small number where a much larger number should have been. After spewing a string of unpublishable remarks, I reached for the phone to report a case of fraud. But after looking into it a little further, I realized the money wasn’t missing at all. I had instructed my mortgage lender to double up my payment for the month of May, and that big hole in my account was proof that it had gone through.

So my mortgage got a little smaller and I saved myself some money on interest. Bright side, consider yourself found.

4 comments on “Some days, it’s tough to remain positive

  1. Nothing's better than 25-year delayed gratification, expect 25-year shortened to 20-year delayed gratification.


  2. Oops, I meant to type except. Not expect.


  3. Hang in there – you are doing the right thing.


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