The advantages of online discount brokerages

Discount brokerages offer low fees and advice.



Online only.


Using an online discount brokerage doesn’t mean you won’t get investment advice, MoneySense Editor Jon Chevreau tells CityNews Channel. It does mean however you’ll spend less on fees. Pick up the June 2013 issue of MoneySense to see our list of Canada’s Best Discount Brokerages.

Press play below to hear more with Jon Chevreau on 680 News with Mike Eppel.

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2 comments on “The advantages of online discount brokerages

  1. I disagree with Jon's suggestion that one needs $500k before moving to a discount brokerage. As long as you are comfortable and have the knowledge to make your own investment decisions a discount brokerage is preferential. In fact most of the brokerages start offering pricing incentives and fee reductions with a $25k or $50k balance. Why let a full service brokerage or mutual fund promoter reduce your returns by several hundred dollars a year just because you don't have a larger porftolio?


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