10 cheapest ways to increase the value of your house

Tips for tapping into your home’s value



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Want a few do-it-yourself home projects that you can accomplish that add value to your home? Check out this list of 10 affordable home improvement projects from Cupolasnmore.com.


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2 comments on “10 cheapest ways to increase the value of your house

  1. Very interesting article to increase the value to sell fast.Not only your suggestions will add value but it will sell it much faster in slow market.The other options and ideas for Canadian real estate are at http://www.Flipping4Profit.ca Those want to flip houses for instant profit.


  2. Some good ideas but some of these costs are WAY understated, $900 for new hardwood? Try 5-10x that cost, plus exterior painting is easy $2000-6000. Also the ROIs themselves have errors.


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