April 20 roundup - MoneySense

April 20 roundup

On easing inflation pains, the world’s richest 40 people and how to cut $1,800 from your annual grocery bill.


•Canadian inflation dipped to its lowest level in a 1.5 years in March as price increases for food and gas slowed down. Inflation eased to 1.9% in the month over the same time last year, down from February’s particularly brutal 4.1% hike.

•Inflation is probably not a concern for the world’s 40 richest people. Together this group is worth $1 trillion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The group did see their fortunes drop slightly Thursday however (by a combined $6.2 billion) as stocks fell amid disappointing U.S. earnings.

•Why not join the Tasty Trash challenge? The average Canadian household can save roughly $1,800 a year by wasting less food, according to estiamtes and the folks at Squawkfox are putting that theory to the test. Over the next few weeks, Squawkfox will share tools, methods, and ideas to help you save at the grocery store.

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