March 29 roundup - MoneySense

March 29 roundup

On the new retirement reality, digital wallets and a break on energy bills for Saskatchewan residents.


•Millions of Canadians will be forced to delay their retirement dreams. That’s one of the toughest pills to swallow coming out the Conservative government’s latest budget aimed at slashing the deficit. The good news is Canadians with a solid financial plan is place will not be blown off course by the changes.

Digital wallets are on the way in and leather wallets are on the way out, according to a retail and communications specialist at Rogers. Canada is uniquely positioned for tap’n’pay smartphones thanks to advanced infrastructure, David Robinson, vice-president of emerging communications at Rogers, was quoted as saying.

•Saskatchewan has approved an energy rate cut. Residents of the province will pay on average 8.6% less on their natural gas bills for a total savings of about $76 a year.