September 26 roundup - MoneySense

September 26 roundup

Cheap stuff at Zellers, deep discounts on RIM’s Playbook and the best places in Canada to keep your money.


• First off: if you need stuff for your home, Zellers is offering coupons worth 15% – 20% off from their Facebook page. But hurry! Offer expires September 29.

Looking for a tablet? The BlackBerry Playbook has been significantly marked down, by as much as 50% at certain retailers.

• Everybody has to pay taxes, but where you live in Canada has a significant effect on how much of your paycheque actually makes it into your bank account. has a chart that cleverly breaks it down by province. Money quote:

“To keep more of your pay, B.C., Ontario and Alberta are the best bets. If you want to fork over more to the tax man, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and P.E.I. are happy to oblige. To contribute the most to the government and keep the least for you, Quebec is the place to be.”