The best money emojis and how to use them

The best money emojis and how to use them

Emojis can be serious too


Here at MoneySense, we pride ourselves in providing our readers with advice for those important, everyday financial issues. In celebration of World Emoji Day, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite money-related emojis with crucial information on how to use them. Because, well, we have a reputation to uphold.


Stacks with wings emoji

This high-flying, multi-purpose emoji takes the cake as our absolute favourite. Just get a raise? What better way of telling your mom, your significant other and all of your Twitter followers than by sharing 18 of these badboys? This emoji can say that the wind beneath your wings caused by your latest financial windfall is lifting you to the nearest car-dealership to buy yourself a Ferrari. Or maybe just to the local pub for a quick celebratory drink. Alternatively, if you just spent too much on a night out, this emoji can also symbolize your heard-earned cash flying away from you without so much as a backwards glance. Pair with the sad face emoji for the best effect.


Money bags emoji

This golden sack of dollars makes our list for being the perfect descriptive emoji for those people you know are loaded. Carlos from accounting? A regular moneybags. It’s just a great placeholder for when you don’t want to say “rich as all heck.” Put this little, plump, cash-filled bag beside names of contacts on your phone so that when they text you to hang out tonight, you know you’ll probably spend more than you want.

cash emoji_150

Plain cash emoji

Sometimes, emojis have to be serious. The plain cash emoji comes in handy when you want to tell your friend they owe you some money, for example. Its straight-edge, wingless form says “I mean business” but the very fact that it’s an emoji eases the tension of an awkward situation. Other uses include informing your significant other they have to pay the hydro bill, and ransom demands.