Uber launches carpool service in Toronto for Pan Am

Uber starts carpool service in Toronto for Pan Am

UberPOOL will run until July 26


TORONTO – Uber has announced a carpooling service that will run in Toronto for the duration of the Pan Am Games.

The ride-hailing company says UberPOOL, which will launch Tuesday and run until July 26, will allow passengers to share the cost of the ride with others taking a similar route.

Uber spokeswoman Susie Heath says Toronto is the sixth city in the world with UberPOOL, joining the likes of New York City and San Francisco.

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The company recently won a legal battle in an Ontario court against the City of Toronto, which sought a permanent injunction against Uber’s operations.

The judge ruled there was no evidence the company is operating as a taxi broker or that it breached city bylaws, saying the city’s definition of a brokerage was too broad.

Toronto and Ottawa city councils met recently with Uber and taxi companies to try to figure out a way forward.