The Canadian Newcomer’s Directory of Free Services

The Canadian newcomer’s Directory of Free

A guide for immigrants and refugees to find free resources to help them settle into their new country


Change is never simple, especially when it involves relocating your entire life to another country. New languages, different customs and dramatic climate shifts are only a few of the challenges immigrants and refugees face upon arrival to Canada. To help, we have created the MoneySense “Directory of Free” listing job, language and other free assistance programs in major cities across every province and territory.

Canada is known for its inclusiveness and multiculturalism, as evidenced by the widespread availability of free resources captured in the interactive chart below. For this exercise, we have identified five of the most important services as being career training, life skills, settlement services, community integration and language classes or conversation groups. These categories are covered in every province and territory, with the exception of Nunavut. There is also a variety of other services offered for free in select cities and provinces such as nutrition programs, youth groups, child care and early education, women’s support, counselling, family and parenting programs, senior- and refugee-specific programs.

The list is by no means exhaustive; there are lots of other programs available, but this guide highlights some of most crucial during these first years of in Canada. The government also offers many other free services, such as health care nationwide, but this list focuses on non-profit groups reaching out to directly help in their communities. The MoneySense “Directory of Free” is intended as a starting point for your research. It’s important that you do your due diligence and reach out to the organizations directly for more information.

This chart provides a quick overview of the types of services available in each province in Canada.

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Directory of Free Info

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1. Overview
2. Get job experience
3. Build a credit score fast
4. Property buying tips
5. Pay less tax
6. Invest wisely
7. Insurance to buy
8. Finding childcare
9. Avoid scams
10. Free resources
11. Getting started checklist