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District of 100 Mile House, British Columbia

At this B.C. vacation spot you’ll find rainbow trout fishing and hundreds of lakes.


Location: A five-hour drive north of Vancouver | Price for a waterfront cottage:  $250,000 and up

The District of 100 Mile House covers more than 2,600 sq km in the central interior of B.C. and is located on Highway 97, the province’s main arterial north-south route. The region has hundreds of lakes that provide some of the best rainbow trout fishing in the world. Log homes are the dominant cottage types, and they are some of the most affordable in British Columbia.

Most buyers are from Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, but there is also a lot of interest from Albertans who are up to the 10-hour drive. Standard waterfront properties sell for an average of $320,000 but they can go for half that much—about $160,000—if you’re willing to go for a nicely treed lot away from the water. The best deals are along the shores of the smaller lakes, including Watch, Crystal, and Eagan lakes.

“It’s definitely a buyer’s market this year,” says Karen Friess, managing broker at ReMax Country Lakes Realty in 100 Mile House. “Sellers are realizing that if they want to sell, they have to drop their price. There’s good selection and lots for sale on the waterfront.”