Getting what's promised in a new car

Getting what’s promised in a new car

What to do if a new car’s equipment doesn’t match what’s included in the specs

(FirstSignal / Getty Images)

(FirstSignal / Getty Images)

“I bought a new Jetta last November but it did not have the driver-seat lumbar support which I really wanted, nor the passenger-seat magazine pouch shown in the specs. I pointed this out when taking delivery, but took the car anyway. What can I do?”

-Andrew Paul Logan, Halifax

Manufacturers reserve the right to change equipment without notice in a disclaimer on their website and in printed materials. If the feature was mentioned in the materials before the sale, you can refuse delivery, but few people do. You can ask the dealer and manufactuer to cover the cost of modifying the seats to add lumbar support and a map pocket. If they refuse, you could consider paying for it yourself and claiming for the modification.
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