Will I have to pay environmental fees for my 2016 vehicle?

Will I have to pay green fees for my 2016 vehicle?

Find out what environmental levies and disposal charges are applicable to new tires and more


“I’m looking at buying a 2016 new vehicle. Are there any environmental fees I should be aware of?”

—Ken Reber, Place not indicated

Several provinces have an environmental levy or disposal charge applicable to new tires, ranging from $3 to $5 per new tire. This is a small charge which the dealer may pass along to you in provinces that do not require it to be included in the advertised price. Dealers in some markets charge much higher amounts, up to $300, for various green levies or fees, but most of this goes straight to their bottom line. Filters, batteries and oil purchased for vehicle service in most provinces are subject to small disposal or “core” charges which are usually added to their prices.

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