Cineplex launches $25 4DX movie tickets

Would you pay $25 for a movie ticket?

Cineplex launches 4DX experience


TORONTO – Canada’s largest movie exhibitor is launching a pricey new ticket option today, an immersive moviegoing experience called 4DX.

Cineplex is screening Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” in the new format, which includes motion seats and an array of environmental effects — including rain, wind, lightning, snow, scents and bubbles — to correspond with appropriate sequences.

But a 4DX movie ticket isn’t cheap.

Adult admission costs $24.99 when the film is presented in 3D or $21.99 when it’s shown in 2D. Few of the 4DX films screen without 3D glasses.

For now, Cineplex is only setup to screen 4DX films at its Yonge and Dundas movie complex, in a tourist hub of downtown Toronto.

South Korean company CJ 4DPlex created the technology seven years ago in the hopes that more people would switch off their big screen TVs and return to the cinemas. Including the new Toronto theatre, there are 300 4DX screens around the world.

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