Hurt by the Delta Airlines outage? Here’s what to do

Hurt by the Delta Air Lines outage? Here’s what to do

Get a refund for delays over three hours


NEW YORK, N.Y. – If you’re one of the people left stranded by Delta’s outage, you have options.

The airline is waiving fees, offering refunds and giving out travel vouchers to those who were scheduled to fly on Aug. 8 or Aug. 9. Over those two days, more than 1,200 Delta flights around the world were cancelled due to a power outage that crippled its booking and communications systems.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Get a refund

If your flight was cancelled by Delta or delayed more than three hours, and you decide not to reschedule, you can ask the airline for your money back.

2. Reschedule your flight

Delta won’t charge its ticket change fee, which can cost as much as $500, even if your flight was not cancelled. But if you book the rescheduled flight to take place after Aug. 12, you may have to pay more for airfare.

Delta Air Lines Inc. recommends rescheduling flights on its website or app since its phone lines may be busy.

3. Get vouchers for future travel

As a bonus, Delta is giving away $200 in travel vouchers to those whose flight was cancelled or delayed more than three hours. The voucher can be used within a year on any Delta-operated flight.

The vouchers can only be used by the person who was stranded. So if you were travelling for work, the voucher is yours to keep for that next family vacation. However, some companies might require employees to apply the credit toward their next work trip, although that is usually a small per cent of companies.

Apply for the voucher at


AP Airline Writer Scott Mayerowitz contributed to this story.