The Saddleback wallet is built to last

The last wallet you’ll ever need

The Saddleback wallet is built to last



Some leather wallets may be softer and more luxurious, but Saddleback Leather Co. claims none is tougher. The company’s slogan—“They’ll fight over it when you’re dead”—is pure frontier swagger, advertising a confidence in the rugged durability of full-grain leather and pigskin from American-raised animals. The hides are tanned in Mexico, then stitched together in Texas with nautical-quality thread.

But can Saddleback’s wares survive absent-mindedness? We put a bifold wallet in dark coffee brown (US$50, available only at through a spin in the washing machine. Many a softer article would have shrivelled but after drying overnight, the Saddleback was virtually unharmed by the ordeal. Perhaps our descendants will have something to fight over one day.