Are airport lounges worth the money?

Are airport lounges worth the cost?

What a $24 access pass gets you



The days when only first-class flyers could get into swanky, closed-door airport lounges are gone. For as little as $24, any airline passenger can get access to complimentary bevvies and snacks, but is it worth the extra cost? “If you have a layover, cancelled flight, or early morning check-in and didn’t eat breakfast, some of these lounges can be good value,” explains Donna McSherry of But before you splurge go to to see what you get. Many only offer free snacks and beverages, and limited three-hour stays. And if you travel just a few times a year, you won’t want to pay $400 for an unlimited annual pass from Another option is to get a credit card that includes lounge perks. For instance, BMO’s World Elite card has an annual fee of just $150 and gives you access to pay-for-the-day VIP airport lounges worldwide.

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