Best gourmet food trucks in Canada

The street-level gourmet

Here are a few of the top gourmet food trucks we’ve spotted in Canada.

Photograph by Ben Nelms

Photograph by Ben Nelms

Vancouver: Vij’s Railway Express

Launched by celebrated chef Vikram Vij, Vij’s Railway Express is decked out like a railcar, and serves Indian-style street food with a seasonal menu. Recent menu items include halibut in coconut masala curry for $11.50, and lamb kebabs wrapped in naan bread for under $12. By contrast, fish and lamb dishes at Vij’s award-winning sit-down restaurant run closer to $30.

Montreal: Camion Au Pied De Cochon

Au Pied de Cochon, chef Martin Picard’s paean to all things pig, has launched a food truck featuring dishes inspired by the original restaurant’s award-winning recipes at markedly reduced prices. These include foie gras poutine for $7 (versus $23 at the restaurant) and a three-pork sandwich for $6.

Ottawa: Ottawa Streat Gourmet

The brainchild of renowned chef Ben Baird, former owner and chef at the foodie-approved The Urban Pear restaurant, Ottawa Streat Gourmet offers a variety of international dishes made with local ingredients and a menu that changes daily. With items running from $5 for a bowl of soup to $12 for a lunch plate, it’s a great way to savour Baird’s culinary creations without paying a full sit-down price.