Worst places to live and why

These towns are struggling. Find out who they are.

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104 comments on “Worst places to live and why

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  2. Agreed. I found some of the rankings off and hard to understand. I still say for the most part it's all very subjective anyway with the exception of actual stats for family doc per person, employment/ crime rate etc.

  3. You obviously spent all of your time complaining and not exploring the beauty of the city. I spent 12 years in Fredericton; now there is a pretencious gov't town!

  4. Windsor Ontario…Theres nothing here no work no nothing, and a borded city in detriot…i rather live in the middle of the yukon :)

    • windsor ontario…theres nothing there no work no nothing,there is cracked people i move from there to fort mcmurray.there is no life if you live there you need to do some thing .now i live good live in fort mcmurray<make money.most of time i describe to my friend to move to better place.windsor isworst place in canada .

  5. Not only is the ranking system completely arbitrary, but their statistics and information on which this whole ranking of cities are just plain inaccurate. For example, I cite this from the "Val d'Or" of their worst town to live in in Canada:

    "(…)grew up around a mining operation, and mining continues in the form of the Lamaque mine run by White Tiger Gold Ltd. (…)

    Excuse me? White Gold Tiger has no holdings in val d'or. The site you refer to is held by Century Mining, which is in a binding agreement with WGT, but it does not run the Lamaque holdings. Please correct this and get your fact straight, a single google search would have cleared that up. For an economic-type magazine, this is just plain sloppy.

  6. " (…) However, Val-d'or suffers from poor job prospects(…)

    Yeah… figures. With a PLETHORA of mining operations in and around the town, including the deepest single-lift shaft in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the largest open-pit gold mines in north america at 15min driving distance of there being constructed right about now, I'm sure job prospects are "poor". Pro tips: The newspaper here have more job prospects annoucement than news, we are in high demand for workers with high quality (100 000$/year +) jobs as well as medium, college graduate level jobs and students and high-school graduate are rarely denied a job. Local research actually demonstrate that our kids work TOO much for what they should for an optimal focus on their academis. We even have people flying in from oversea to meet the demand for qualified mining jobs, for christ's sake.

  7. "(….) a low average Household income(…)"

    See above. Seriously. Oh but WAIT, it gets better.

    "(….) and a population that has declined by 5% between 2001 and 2006. (…)

    AGAIN see above. Come on, 5 – 6 years old data for a ranking of THIS magnitude? Again, plain sloppy. We are LACKING space at a vacancy of 0.5% in some instances. If anything, there's TOO much people coming in, and the price of appartments and households are driven up constantly. This is not a good thing, I know, I'm not arguing that that place is a great place to live by any means, but come on, get your d*mn fact straight.

  8. "(…) To make matters worse, Val-d'or also has Weather: that would scare even the hardiest Canadian: the average low temperature in January is -23 °C and it rains or snows 191 days a year." (…)

    Because, we all know, the d*mn thermometer is all there is to gauge temperature, right? This place is DRY, really DRY, as in -40° here is equivalent to around -15° or -20°C near Montreal or anywhere near a large body of water or with a similar humidity factor. I'm used to -40° temperatures here, they are not a common occurence, it does happen a few times every winter at least, but everytime I go to Montreal in cold winter days, I get chilled to the bones because of humidity.

    As for precipitation days, not much there is to say about it, you just about nailed it, it IS a crappy place to live in, but for oh so very different reasons than the ones you cited, namely crimes and price of housing, among others.

  9. Crunch your number all you want, but any analyst worth his salt should know that when statistic meets reality, reality opens a can of whoop-a** on statistics. Now towns that don't deserve NOR NEED the bad press get dragged in the mud for no or completely inaccurate reasons, while cities that don't deserve the good press gets put on a pedestal. I know people who don't see their cherished cities or Small Town, CA on there will vouch that it is the best place in the world to be, plenty of lakes, sunshine and unicorns and whatnot.

    It is a personnal bias and the boards here are filled with it. But they are not entierly wrong and it would be foolish to dismiss them.

    • thers enough walnuts in ottawa. we don,t need any more.

  10. Your methodology is completely arbitrary and devoid of common sense (weather valued the most? Really?), your facts are outdated, your data set is not representative of reality and you have poorly chosen the reference used. Heck, you're not even consistent on the scoring method for every criteria and you BEND the facts to fit said criteria (Gatineau-Ottawa is one city… … wait, WHAT?).

    You are going to get some flak for this MoneySense, I hope you realise that behind the personnal bias and annecdotal/personnal experience making up for the bulk of complaints about your ranking, at the very core of it they have some very legitimate reasons to be upset. Don't dismiss it, man up and admit the mistake, revise, and take that criticism under your belt and improve for the next one. You really need to do your homework for a project of this magnitude, people.

    Excuse the rant and the spelling and thank you for your time.

    • @ Danny L

      get a job..

  11. what a stupid analysis…………….some cities touch each other and they are saying one is 9 and one is 14…….the way they judge is totally wrong…..is it some joker just sit and judge this……i totally felt bad for lot of cites as they are ranked more than 100 by some idoit and some crap cities are ranked less than 20…..these ppl don't have right to degrade one city against others….its totally like the cities which are dominated by minories are ranked way less….HATE IT

  12. Want to see another reason why Bay Roberts, Newfoundland placed so low ? Go to Facebook and search for ' Coley's Point North concerned citizens group '

  13. Edmonton or should I say Skidmo, Refinery Rownton or even Edmonhole. With areas called Cancer Alley, Refiner Row, Smoke stack lane and gasoline alley, and a brutal hockey and football team with ugly jerseys need I say more.

    • you sure seem to know alot about edmonton….you must love the money your making here! im not even from alberta but one thing i know it sure has the best of both worlds. have you ever attempted to get out of the city and hit the real nice places of alberta!! called rocky mountains!!!!! and i love the team jerseys btw!!! green and gold all the way!!!! and the good ol copper and blue!!!

  14. Toronto is the most worst place to live.cost of living is high and no jobs to find.life is rough rules are tough.people are struggling to live and try to save every penny at end of the month.toronto the city of suffering.

    • not so!

      speaking her a single parent with five, moved here from the beautiful north, where we could not afford the food. Try china town for produce, you can feed luxuriously you family; value village for brand name new clothing,furniture, etc, like in Richmond Hill, New Market (also the good vill store nex door). Borow movies from the library free of charge, use the internet free of charge, or get a majic jack instead of Bell, with free voice mail and long distance in north america, drop in at the community centere for swimm or skate, read books, go to the great Lake Ontario all summer day and night, volunteer or work, make millions of friends, benefit from unequalled opportunity in health care services. Be careful, it's not all good but it is mostly good. So you can live on minimum wage if you want to, or you can complain that you don't make 1mil/year. Do you think that the rich have it better? They do exactly the same as above, plus eat out more often, expensive and unhealthy meals, buy the same clothes at 10x the price, pay insurance on cars and homes and mortgage, and have no time with their kids cause they work themselves to death. Toronto is good, multicultural, rich!

    • so if Toronto is the most worst place to live, whay are you here?
      yhou should be greatful…. Toronto is a mother for all of us, and dont tell me there is no job ,if you look or ask friends i am sure you will find lot of work you lazy ass….

      • Sorry this message is not for you i am sos sorry this message is for MUDDUCK…..

    • so if Toronto is the most worst place to live, whay are you here?
      yhou should be greatful…. Toronto is a mother for all of us, and dont tell me there is no job ,if you look or ask friends i am sure you will find lot of work you lazy ass….

    • I agree with you. Toronto is not only the worst place to live in Canada. This bed bugs city is like garbage dumpster: dirty ,stinky and rusty. In simply words: hopeless,lost.

    • Try Hamilton!!! LOL

  15. I find it rather funny you actually used how many new vehicles are on the road as part of your reasoning as to what makes a better city to live in, implying it reflects how many good paying jobs are available, giving you more discretionary income. You are obviously grossly misinformed, your direct quote " While the town is nevertheless transforming itself into a tourist destination for fishing enthusiasts, mountain bikers and kayakers, unemployment is a problem with the jobless rate at 10%. This has a negative impact in our "new vehicles on the road" category. The number of late model cars in a city is an informative gauge of affluence, with a higher percentage indicating a growing, wealthier city with higher discretionary income."

    • I would like to point out, that while visiting another city like this in Saskatchewan, I was hired to photograph vintage cars. The town was Swift Current, Saskatchewan, very much the same as Port Alberni you mentioned in the quote. I took pictures of 64 cars, owned by 18 different people, one person had 9 alone and each was appraised at an average of $75K..one guy had a single car, appraised at $136K. This was members of a local car club and a few independant car owner, There were still more then a 100 I never got to even see. I own a corvette worth 2 new cars ( if you took your usual base model commuter valued at 20K ) and a harley worth slightly more then a new car.

      • I dont own a newer vehicle and would never buy one..Ive had the money 3 times over and chose to buy vintage, a smarter investment and higer resale for retirement 25 years from now. More people should do this, its cheaper to fix a vintage car/truck and they are almost as fuel effcient as the newer ones. I live in British Columbia where we have strict polution control, all vehicles in the vancouver/tri-cities area are required to pass an emissions test, or as its called "aircare"

        • if you fail any of the 3 tests done for emissions, you cant register your vehicle. Do they have onboard computers that tell you the outside temprature, or when your door is open or your keys are in the ignition? nope…but then you also dont have to pay expensive costs of replacing sensors when they go, or 7 hours labour in a garage when your spark plugs need changing, as you do with almost every new vehicle on the road they make today. Your system is badly flawed and you did not take the time to research certain things, like new cars means greater dicretionary income, next time chech the number of classic cars and trucks registered, then send of a request from Barrett Jackson asking for real time values on said vehicles, it will change your current point rating drastically im thinking.

    • Funny isnt it…I live in Alberni, Back in the day when this little town was rich people loved to fix up old cars and trucks…most people still own their old cars …I guess pride dosent matter…:(

    • also have to buy new cars often because of bad roads.

  16. If you think you have a driving or friendliness problem!!! If you are not born in… Hong Kong, most people won't talk to you; well, maybe because you don't speak chinese and they, certainly make no effort to learn our official language. However, when you hear the tone of voice and the loudness of it, I am not sure Canadians would want to start a conversation, by fear of getting hit in the face! Anyway, there, we have no difference with their own; they build great walls so they don't have to talk to them either!
    The anger, home grown, is massive and pervasive. Doing business with that crowd is so … foreign. If we are used to the 'friendliness' of Canadians in stores, most of the time, speaking the same language, in more ways than one, it's now a jungle out there.
    So, forget Lloydsminster! Vancouver and Richmond, chinese columbia take number one in WORSE PLACES to live in… as Canadians; UNLESS YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO MOVE TO CHINA!!!! And we are talking there about the Richmond that was voted, about 15 years ago, THE BEST SUBURB OF VANCOUVER TO LIVE IN; forget Vancouver!

  17. Cambridge, ON is the worst for jobs, and healthcare. It took me a year to get a doctor, and a triage nurse at the hospital told me it took her THREE YEARS to get one!!! I have been un- employed for a year in this city, and with no money, it's hard to get out. Lamebridge needs a smack in the head.

  18. Nova Scotia/East Coast is always last on the list. It's the asshole of Canada for weather and getting the least of all things, yet highest in taxes. The government sucks on all levels and when I vote…it will be an X through all names since none are worthy of even a thought, much less a vote.

    • Don't think you must have ever … been to Nova Scotia… your take on the the area seems, to have a bitter tone.. perhaps it is not the province, but the effort you have made to be a productive person living there ..You comment on the weather even is really off.. go back to were ever you want, perhaps Nova Scptia doesn't need you..

    • hey fedupcanuck i would be more than glad to say goodbye because you are no canadian to say something like that so if i were you move to the usa im sure there would be all kinds of canidians thta would help you move

    • I agree …I think we have the worst Provincial government in Canada and Harper's Conservatives give absolutly nothing in this area to anyone….The ones running in the election around here don't help or show their faces….not even election time…..I agree to vote ABC or an X through the ballot

  19. The very worst place to live is St. Catharines, Unemployment higher than the US during the worst part of the recession. Poorly managed at the municipal and regional levels. A Blue collar town with no blue collar work. 80% (or more) of the population paid with tax dollars. No industrial tax base (so property taxes always on a steep rise), Worst hospital system in Canada (administratively), I could go on forever.

  20. Glace Bay is the worst by far. Drivers are stupid, there is no attempt to control their driving / parking habits. Best place to park is under a NO PARKING sign or right on a crosswalk for some of them.
    There is no work.
    Dogs run free all over town.
    Almost every road is full of potholes.
    Councilors don't give a rat's as$ about anything other than collecting their pay

  21. Hey Tim, Just wanted to let you know your comments are humorous and on a few occasions spot on , You did not mention though that Kingston is full of some great people the waterfront is beautiful, the city has wonderful events summer and winter and its downtown albeit is struggling because of the economics today high rent … etc. the casino going elsewhere was actually a good thing socially… casinos can be detrimental , I wont go into the manifold reasons. Yes K Rock is not well attended , it needs better management…The Kingston Frontenac's are great and should find their games better attended, sadly costs are high and the food vendors are cost prohibitive, there..
    As far as I'm concerned Kingston Is a great place to live and work, great restaurants, lots of great shopping and home prices are competitive with most similiar size cities. I guess Tim, you haven't traveled much, every small city has potholes.. comes with Canadian winters. Lowes is here in Kinston, and Walmart is out by the large bigbox malls in the west end of city , allowing downtown stores to grow and survive. Ive some issues With Kingston ,They could use a world class conference center built next to the K Rock center. on the vacant lot where the police station once stood, a multideck carpark right on queen st between wellington and king would enable the city to offer free Saturday downtown parking. I think Money sense is on the Ball Kingston is a great city with lots to do and see.
    Sorry Tim look for the positives and come back and try to improve things. High taxes are here to stay as long as we have the Harper govt, which should have lowered the income tax's instead of the 2 percent GST which is a smart consumption Tax.

  22. where is the full list?

  23. Maybe you are getting back the vibe that you are giving off.

  24. Winnipeg is the best place to live in Canada. We have free Medicare, kids get family allowance, houses are cheaper than other cities, seniors get pension even they did not work and has lived here for 10 years and are 65 years old, and many more. Ya it's cold weather but if you wear appropriate clothing you will be ok. People are friendly. I have lived here for almost 40 years and I have no problem. I have travelled almost everywhere I want have a nice car and a nice house. What else do I want. Suzanne

    • Winnipeg sucks. I found them the most unfriendly people (even though the license plates say different). I lived there for 3 years and wouldn't go back if you paid me.

    • Who do you think pays for all this free medicare,housing.pensions!! Get ur head out of the sand Suzanne..We all pay for that FREE stuff!__

    • car thieves and gangs run amok in winnipeg!the social problems are worse now than 20 yrs ago and are only going to get worse.dysfunctional kids are now adults and are raising there kids in the same manner!no one wants to go downtown to get bothered by the panhandlers.Drug dealers are downtown hanging around with there associates.taxes get raised while the underworked CITY WORKERS get more benefits and raises!car thieves who kill innocent people get 2-4 yr sentences and have received DOUBLE CREDIT for the time they have served in remand while waiting for trial then they do no further time or just a couple of months.judges here hand out lenient sentences 4 serious crimes ie pedophiles,murder,manslaughter etc .one of our reporters regularly hands out eight ball awards to judges who hand out weak sentences!car thieves are eligible for and RECEIVE compensation and medical equipment to the same degree as the policyholders!!!!the new hydro building was built way over budget!every tradesman received UNION RATE even though many were non union thanks to our NDP govrernment!well,surprise,surprise,hydro just raised the rates 2% to pay for the building!we pay a lot of tax during the week while we work and when we want to unwind we pay HIGH TAXES on alcohol and cigarettes

  25. Windsor is by far the worst. I actually moved here fo work in 07 after graduating top of my class. I moved and within a few weeks the shop I was working for shut it's doors. I've tried to regoup and move out of town, but you can't afford to. This was once the automotive capital of Canada, now it's just another cess pool inhabited by drunk Americans and poor Canadians.

    • thats because our great goverment give all the car companys except ford lots of money tax payers money to move to mexico

  26. I have heard many people from many locations who have lived all across the world say that Canada is the best country in the world to live in, BC is the most beautiful province in Canada, the Okanagan is the most desireable place in BC, and Kelowna has everything. I also know several people who have the option of living "anywhere in the world" (mobile careers, highly sought after sr leaders, lottery winners) and they choose to live in Kelowna.
    Kelowna, BC – ranked #121 in Canada
    Just sayin' :-/

  27. Seriously,have any of you on this panel even been to these places that you so flippantly dismiss as a good place to live?Please get real! some people not only read,but believe these lists you people come up with.

  28. I do not know what you feel is a great town. I believe an ocean on one site the mountains on the otherside. a abundance of wild live and things to do like skiing kayaking or strolling on the beach or wild forrest with weather that is the best in Canada, is my idea of great living. It is clear to me that the panel never have seen any of this.
    What a shame to put Parksville and other cities in BC and on Vancouver island on such a low ranking.
    I will stop this rant and will go sitting under a cherry blossom tree in full bloom and look at all the flowers that are coming out. Shoot.. it is only April most of your higher picks are still shoveling snow… I forgot.

    • Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Comox Valley, Cowichan Valley and finally Victoria. Who in their right mind wouldn't want to live here, Vancouver Island? Absolutely stunning views, weather, happy people, clear lakes, rivers and the ocean! I came from Alberta which I lived for 40yrs. Alberta is long gone and I would never go back ……brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr still snow in June?

      I have only one grievence with Vancouver Island "Senior Drivers" People driving slow in the fast lane!!

  29. THE HAMMER. Pros-Diverse weather, tough people,waterfalls,escarpment biggest bioshere out there,homes for half the price of Toronto and surrounding areas. Cons- downtown,waste of land with steel factories, lowpay jobs,taxes getting high, and the politics suck,too many hands in the budget very criminal with conflict of interest. And need i say our spoiled threatening cfl minor league football team the tiger kitties. The owner of this team broke or town apart BOB Young. But i love this mini metropolis of Hamilton Ont and the people in it. THX for reading

  30. Weather needs to be taken out of the equation.


  32. the middle of no where is the best place to live.pitch a cabin (tax free for the brave) roads /what roads.live off the fat of the land but that will soon be taken over by imagrents …like dont they have there own countries to live in???? i tried to move to france and i had to give my left nut . they would have taken both but the goverment here staked claims on that one

    • all right someone that feels the same way..sure lets send all our tax money to japan and haiti….and if we had a disaster of that magnitude there f…kin goverments would be playing houdini.its about time we took care of our own

  33. I think Estevan Sask should be added to list. Extremely high drug problem, energy industry with a high number of cancer and lung deaths. A crown corp. Sask Power firing people that they either made sick or just sick with cancer or other illnesses that are losing homes and may never work again. Lack of places to live and dives to live in that are extremely overpriced. A big corrupt unhealthy hole. Thanks Sask Party and Sask Power.

    • estevan is on list

  34. Must agree! Moved out there from Ontario a few years ago..didn't last too long as there were no GENUINE people. There's no much to do and all you really see are the money greedy people pushing you out of there way!

  35. I agree with a previous comment about Kingston being the worst place to live. I lived there for three years and had to get out – no jobs unless you know someone in the government, and miles of waterfront with nowhere to walk and nowhere to swim. . .they could have a beautiful waterfront, but no one seems to think it is necessary.

  36. … I think you are misinformed. Kingston definitely has potholes, but we have Lowes and the hockey team plays at the K-Rock Centre. Also, there's a two-floor inside mall. Parking tickets are usually only $15. I don't love Kingston by any means, but you are painting an incorrect picture. You said you lived here – but I imagine it was quite some time ago…

  37. Peterborough' s still great!

  38. Vancouver B.C. – You live here your entire life, live a respectful life and law abiding citizen, go to school, go to University, come out with a degree, eventually fight and claw your way to find a middle income bracket job…and you still can't even afford to buy a POS condo in this City run by left-wing politics, and municipal city politics and management run amok!

  39. Surrey B.C.
    is the worst place ever
    the people there are disgusting
    can't believe it didn't make the list

    • Um, yeah, you're right. Slurrey should have made it in the list. A city infested by white trash junkies, punks spray painting tags and graffiti on homeowner's properties, and that annoying macho bullcrap exhibited by the momma's boys in the Sikh community who have no identity of their own so they try to emulate African-Americans out of a 90's John Singleton movie. Sorry, I don't mean to sound racist but it's true and even Wally Oppal said it to the chagrin of the Indo-Canadian community who turn a blind eye. The only bright spot about Surrey is its mayor, Diane Watts, who has more b@lls then most mayors in B.C.

  40. im not from windsor ont but i know 4 people that have and i have visited.There is pollution but it is very safe there.you dont even have to lock your door! There's lots of work for motivated people who work hard physically and there's next to no poor people. And yes Kelowna is a great place too

    • o ya stay in school

  41. perhaps the fact that it rains there 10 months out of the goddam year….

  42. Come on, Regina obviously! We got North Central. End of story.

  43. Lloydminster is one of the worst that's for sure. Even Port Alberni is a lot nicer than that hole.

  44. I agree with you completely. That is my home town. I moved away 30 years ago You know in those days it was go west young man (woman). I moved back 5 years ago thinking that it must have changed after 25 years. Yes 25 years and it looks and feels the same. Very government and university inclined. Needless to say I moved back to Edmonton. Kingston is just not my idea of a nice place to live. Edmonton may be a lot bigger than Kingston, but I found that Kingston has not really grown like I expected.

  45. They should take a good long look at YARMOUTH ,Nova Scotia.
    Here it is a dead end street everywhere you look. No housing, no jobs, no boat, no BIG business, NO HELP for those in desperate need,nothing except poor people trying to make ends meet on nothing. We are going backwars in this society faster than what our forefathers and mothers came forward!
    There is now a joke going around about Yarmouth being an Island ! That is how bad it is here.

  46. i was born here but iv heard its frenler than that mind you there are lots of those kind too but in general i think your wrong you need to talk to more people or ones in differant places . harry salt

  47. We absolutely need to think much more in that direction to see a few things i can do over it.

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  49. wherever you live is the worst..blah blah blah. quit complaining..–>javascript:%20postComment(0);

  50. Why has'nt ANYONE mentioned dear olde P.E.I. where people learn to drive in Disneyland, the only claim to fame is the wretched Anne of Green Gables and that creature that passes himself off as a chef, the hydro bills are day-light robbery and if you are from AWAY good luck getting a job !!!

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  54. Well, it’s very good, but what about the other choices we have here? Do you mind making another article about all of them too? Kudos!

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  59. Dont have much time to go into detail,on my way to help organize a fund raiser for a friend of mine living in New Glasgow.Thats what we do best over here.We look after our own.Dont get too caught up in stats,its the people that make a city.I'll put Pictou County residents up against anybody in this country.

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  61. # days when temperature is below 0 degrees should be # of days below -10 or -20. 0 to -10 is a lot more manageable then below -10 or -20. Also, # of days of rain or snow is not an accurate description of what a day can actually feel like. You know when you are in the Carribean somewhere and you get one of those afternoon showers? Not that big of deal because it only lasts for a short while and the rest of the day is beautiful!
    You may want to double check you facts as well. Terrace, BC does have a university (UNBC). Our unemlpoyment rate has never been 16.8%; last year Mar 2010 it was 11.5% and this year Mar 2011 it was 9.1%.

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  66. I’ve been living in Calgary, for almost 5 years now. I grew up in the worst city, #180 New Glasgow, NS. My wife and kids still talk about how they would love to move back to New Glasgow. My wife grew up in Calgary. If you asked my kids if they had the choice of going to Disneyland or New Glasgow for vacation, They will tell you they would pick New Glasgow, because its funner! New Glasgow is probably # 1 for its people and sense of community! At least my 9 and 7 year old kids can walk to the store without supervision in New Glasgow. Can’t do that in Calgary. Kids have to make apointments or “play dates” with their friends in Calgary. In New Glasgow, you just knock on the door and visit. No calling ahead necessary. Making a living is tough there, but actually enjoying your life with friends and family can not be rated by statistics.

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