How to become a knowledgeable investor

Local colleges and online courses provided plenty of options

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From the April 2015 issue of the magazine.

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Doris Bercarich, Toronto (Photograph by Ronit Novak)

Doris Bercarich, Toronto (Photograph by Ronit Novak)

Q: I’m interested in becoming a more knowledgeable investor, and I’d like to take a course so I could meet others with this common interest. But many I’ve seen seem shady. How do I find a reputable course?

—Doris Bercarich, Toronto

A: Cantonese and creative writing have something in common with investing. That’s because the best investing courses for the general public are often offered by universities and colleges with continuing education programs. The instructors take the gig for passion—not profit­­—and focus on the basics, instead of complex trading strategies or software. In the Toronto area both Ellen Roseman and Gail Bebee offer great courses. And other large cities across Canada have a similar selection. If it works better doing something on your own time, check out the Canadian Securities Course for Investors. The online curriculum and exercises are the same, but it’s much cheaper than the industry version ($495 vs. $985) and there’s no final exam. (Hooray!) But because it’s online you won’t be able to discuss asset allocation with your classmates afterwards, over beers at the campus pub.

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