MoneySense magazine: Summer 2016

A sneak peek inside our Summer 2016 issue



From the Summer 2016 issue of the magazine.


MoneySense magazine: Summer 2016

Volume 18, Number 5

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Below is just some of what you’ll find inside this latest issue.

Canada’s Best Places to Live 2016

Beyond the numbers

Time to tap into your benefits

Surviving Baby’s First Year

Editor’s Letter

When it pays to quit your job, What insurance agents make off you, value advice from Francis Chou

Ask MoneySense
By: Bruce Sellery

Portfolio Makeover
By: Julie Cazzin

Home Owner
By: Romana King

By: Robert R. Brown

Family Profile
By: Julie Cazzin

Smart Spender
Less mowing, more growing, Big box getaways, Best compact digital cameras

How I Did It
How I saved $5,000 a year by cutting expenses and doing more by myself

9 comments on “MoneySense magazine: Summer 2016

  1. I have a comment about the article on one income families. In that you stated why seniors should not receive discounts. You are basing it on that all seniors benefit from income splitting and therefore come out better that one income families. For us that are widows or widowers – there is no such luxury of income splitting. There are also quite a good number of seniors that are just getting by on their old age security. By the time they pay their rent- there is little left over for extras. What few discounts they get- they well deserve them. I, fortunately am not one of them. But there is no way that I get the perk of income splitting.


  2. Dear sir,Question?It’s not a comment.
    Can I invest an amount to any company who can trade ETF for me?I tried Vanguard their minimum investment is $50,000 which I can not invest.
    I can go up to #15,000 for my steady monthly income.I am not very good in technical analysis therefore I can not risk this money.
    I understand there is always risk in trading.Those fund managers are very experienced one.I trust them.What about Blackrock?
    What is minimum amount and commission,if they do such ETFs on behalf of private customers.Or you can advice me with any other investment firm.
    Please reply as soon as possible .
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.
    Syed Rizvi.


    • What sounds like a very good approach is Wealth Simple. Your first $5000. is free and the choices are low cost ETF’s.


  3. Under true and false property or real estate in excess of $100’000 does not have to be declared if it is for personnel use. You included property as a declarable without clarifying. This is on the CRA website under Real Estate and a T1135 is not needed.


  4. Was there a may 2016 magazine edition or just to june? Thanks


    • Hi Justin, there was an April 2016 issue, then a June 2016 issue. No May issue. The next one is the Summer edition. Thanks


  5. When deciding which cities are best to live in, the performance of the by-law enforcement office should be taken into account. In one of the large cities that has a fairly good ranking, a by-law officer when asked how much time she spends in court said “Not much. I don’t like sitting in court, so I don’t issue tickets if I can avoid it” which is why, in that city, by-laws are largely ignored and nothing happens which makes it not such a good place to live.


  6. Re ; A Low Income Dilemma
    Should Joanna not be advised to top up her contribution room in her TFSA? She has the means to do so with her GIC funds and will lower her taxable income allowing her to maintain her child benefits should she seek part time employment.


  7. Low Income Dilemna. My first impression when I read that Joanna was a RN was definitely get refresher course. But does she also have a BN? Without the nursing degree she isn’t going to be able to get a very good position any longer. A BN is the new minimum.


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