Ontario to introduce bill regulating home inspectors

The province has an estimated 1,500 inspectors



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TORONTO – Home inspectors in Ontario could soon be regulated under legislation the Liberal government says it intends to introduce this fall.

Consumer Services Minister Marie-France Lalonde is announcing today that the bill would require home inspectors to be licensed and set minimum standards for contracts and home inspection reports.

It would also establish a body to administer and enforce the licensing and regulations.

Lalonde says the legislation would protect consumers by ensuring they benefit from quality advice and are aware of safety issues before buying a home.

The government estimates that in Ontario there are 1,500 home inspectors — one of the only professionals involved in a real-estate transaction to not be provincially regulated.

Ontario assembled a panel of industry experts in 2013 to draft a report on the issue and the panel recommended that inspectors be required to pass a written exam and a field test in order to become licensed.

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  1. The sad part about this is the number of home inspectors that have either retired (based on a large percentage go aged inspectors), or most recently been impacted by the “hot sellers” market – AKA: bidding wars. Many home inspectors find that with the home inspection condition being removed, that not only is their business down significantly, but it questions the validity of “consumer protection”. “Caveat Emptor” still exist.


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