How to open an RDSP

A doctor will have to sign off on a special form in order to open an RDSP.



Online only.


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      Play: David Hodges and 680 News' Mike Eppel on RDSPs

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2 comments on “How to open an RDSP

  1. Um… what does this mean? Seems a little short?


  2. It is important to note that the form can be filled out by a “qualified practitioner” such as optometrists, audiologists, occupational therapists,
    physiotherapists, psychologists, and speech-language pathologists – not just medical doctors. Each profession is able to certify disability relative to their discipline. So, for example, if you are already seeing an occupational therapist for rehab or other intervention check out the disability tax credit application form to see if one of the disciplines listed could fill out your form.


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