City or suburbs: What it takes to live in Calgary

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From the February/March 2016 issue of the magazine.

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    2 comments on “City or suburbs: What it takes to live in Calgary

    1. Good day,

      I received your print edition of Money Sense magazine today.

      I was interested to read this article, in particular page 56.
      I just wanted to point out a possible error, in which the magazine lists “average annual cost to live here and work downtown”

      The print edition states $145,923 on the “urban” end of the scale, vs $32,288.

      Now when I read this online on the link to Calgary.

      You’ve listed it costs a mere $45,923 to live and work here…
      $100,000 is a rather large amount of money saved…
      Which one is the correct number?



      • Hi there,
        Good catch. The correct number is the one you see online. We regret the error and are running a correction in the next issue of the magazine.
        Thanks for reading!


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