Invest your spare change

Investing $2 a week, why bother? Play the lottery instead.



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lotto_CC_LisaBrewster_322If you’re banking on the lottery to fix your financial problems (and a full one-third of us are, according to a recent survey) you’re in trouble because well, the odds are stacked against you. Playing the lottery and imaging how you’d spend the winning is fun, but it’s not a sound strategy to achieve financial independence.

Still, some suggest investing $2 or even $5 a week for life isn’t going to put dent in your nest egg, even with respectable returns. A winning lottery ticket on the other hand, could be the best “investment” you’ve ever made.

Let’s crunch the numbers:

$2 a week in a high-interest tax-free savings account paying 2.25% with interest calculated monthly would grow to $3,227 after 25 years and $8,885 after 50 years.

$5 a week would earn you just $8,068 after 25 years and $22,211 after 50 years.

As you can see, play money adds up. On the flip side, erosion of purchasing power is worth considering. No one knows for sure what $22,000 will buy in 50 years time, but chances are it’s not much. When it comes down to it, playing the lottery—within reason—is a personal choice. Just don’t bet the house. For more safe play tips visit

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  1. Well seeing I’ve given the lotteries a good try here in BC and only won $20.00 whilst noticing that most lotteries are won by Eastern I will not be playing anymore. I do recall one of my relatives saying that “It’s money for OLD rope lad!” Now I certainly do know what they’re talking about, and with all those adverts on TV of how much you could win and what you might be able to do with it is a false charade and just one big lie! You would be better off learning how to properly trade on The Stock Market instead.


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